Who doesn't snort Aspirin? (Soaps.com)

These are the “Days” of my week from June 20-24:

Days didn’t take home a single Daytime Emmy this year. The wardrobe, hair and musical scores didn’t get mention at the Creative Arts Emmys, either. I wasn’t surprised there. Though I don’t know the clips sent in for the technical awards, I do know the hair seems more natural lately, the wardrobe uninspiring, and the musical scores a cross between porn and “Dr. Who” (which I find rather fun). Maybe next year is ‘our’ year.

Dynamic duo?
Vivian was adorable as always, discussing with Gus how much her son is like her. She and Quinn are going to work together to take down Carly, which could be fun. Not that I want Carly taken down but seeing Vivian in this capacity is fresh and exciting. I really like Kate’s scenes with Quinn, who doesn’t stand down when she gets in his face. I’d like to see Quinn and Vivian stay. I’m concerned that the show will be a dreadful bore without a few criminals. I’ve always enjoyed “DOOL” for the campiness and worry we’ll lose that if we have less villains.

Back to Carly. Oh so caring and sweet Jennifer doesn’t want to believe that her BFF is a drug addict, but all signs point to it. Jenn must be the most naive woman in Salem or perhaps the world. Even my sweet mum would have raised an eyebrow and waited for the truth after hearing the white powdery substance found in Carly’s room was Aspirin.

Nic Nic’s chemistry.
Once again, Nic Nic has chemistry with yet another character in Salem. She and Maggie’s scene at the pub was fantastic. I don’t think we’ve ever seen Nicole admitting to her faults or confessing that EJ uses her to get to Sami. She also came to the conclusion that she needed to let Sydney go, which I felt was the healthy thing to do, along with demanding the divorce from EJ. After talking with Faye, she’ll likely be the one to break EJ and Taylor up, which bodes well for her backstabbing sister.

EJ obviously feels exceedingly guilty for RoboRafe killing Faye as he should, so will Nicole even have to do much to break them up? It looks as though EJ has done it all on his own. Vote in our DOOL poll where we ask if it’s EJ’s fault!

What fun it was Friday to see Nicole being taken to SPD, all the while poking fun at herself and her situation. As she was strolling away, seemingly without a care, we were treated to Victor’s quips about how he likes watching Nicole go off to jail. Did you have difficulty concentrating on the show with Brady standing around shirtless? Yep, Friday was the highlight of the week.