Imagine that! In this day in age, the seven year itch happens more often than not for married couples in the USA and Canada. When we hear news of a couple who have been together for 10, 15 or 25 years, we feel it is cause for celebration. It’s almost unheard of to hear about couples staying together for a decade, let alone eight decades!

Peter and Anna Mascolo, Joseph Mascolo’s (Stefano DiMera, Days of Our Lives) parents came to Hartford Connecticut from Naples, where they raised their family since they wed in 1928! A champagne celebration with friends and family in attendance and Joseph emceeing the event marked their 80th wedding anniversary April 23 2008, in Connecticut.

When asked about the past 80 years, Anna Mascolo was said to have told a WFSB News reporter this past weekend, “They went by so fast. I think now, where did they go? I think of the things we did. They go by and you don’t realize it. If you have a good marriage, you have no regrets.”

Joseph Mascolo told the WFSB reporter, “They’ve been married than a lot of us lived. They’ve been married for 80 years and they still talk to each other and I think it really was based on love.”

Watch this video for more quotes and a sneak peek into their celebration! here. wishes the pair a very Happy Anniversary!