Looks like the character of Max will be sticking around Salem, as set-side sources tells us actor Darin Brooks has re-signed with the show. No word on how long his new contract is for, but Darin has been quoted as saying, “Days is my home and that’s where I’m going to be for a little while and we’ll see if we can get some things cooking with this character.”

As a young boy, Max was adopted by the Bradys and after some time away from Salem, returned a successful racecar driver. From there he got mixed up in the “Touch the Sky” storyline and the Ford Decker rape story, but hasn’t really had a story all his own.

We’d like to think that will all change though, because as Days fans know, there’s plenty of story to mine for Max. Is there more to him working on the docks than meets the eye? What exactly is his deal with Nick and his research? And considering they’re both Bradys (no blood relation), what adventures await Max and Stephanie?

Hopefully these are roads the writers will go down, so Darin can finally sink his teeth into a meaty storyline!