Credit: Kristen Renton (NBC)

During the several months Kristen Renton has been portraying Morgan Hollingsworth on Days of Our Lives, she has taken the character from a one note sorority sister to a tough daddy’s girl who holds her own against Philip Kiriakis.

Coming to L.A. while still in high school, Kristen and her mother moved to the West Coast from her home state of Florida. The young actress was one of three selected at a 350-person cattle call to come out to California to try her hand at acting. She decided it was worth a shot and has been enjoying the ride ever since.

With the support of her mother who lived with her in L.A. until she was eighteen, Kristen self taught herself to graduation and landed a commercial just a few short months after her arrival. Quite impressive considering most actors struggle for years before their first big break!

In between that first gig and landing on Days, Kristen has had memorable guest starring roles on “The OC” and “CSI: NY,” as well as in the movies, “Come Away Home” and “In the Mix” with R&B star, Usher. Kristen also has a movie coming out on the SciFi channel entitled, “Ghouls,” where she plays a college student who goes to Bucharest and discovers she is the missing link to keeping a long blood line of ghouls alive. Definitely a far cry from Salem!

I recently spoke with the sweet and energetic actress, who slipped in and out of her southern accent while we discussed her life on Days.

Lori Wilson: You’ve been on the show for several months now. Do you feel like you’ve settled into the character and have a good sense of who she is?

Kristen Renton: I’m still everyday kind of finding new quirks about her and that’s part of the fun of it all to be honest. She’s quite feisty and every now and then there’s a new little thing I find out about her. But we’re a lot alike in a lot of different ways, so I do feel like I know her.

Lori: How do you feel you are alike?

Kristen: We’re both very tough. We don’t let things slide. We definitely stick up for ourselves, but she’s a lot more feminine, she’s a lot more kind of sexy and comfortable in her own skin and I’m much more in reality a tomboy. I don’t get all dolled up to go to the grocery store and no matter what she’s doing, she has to look good doing it. She’s always got her hair and her nails and her makeup on and all that good stuff.

Lori: A little southern belle.

Kristen: Exactly!

Lori: And you had to adopt a Southern Accent for the role.