Beaten by a mouseketeer...(

These are the “Days” of my week from June 12-17:

This week was about new love, new careers, beat downs, shake-ups, and a twist thrown in for good measure. Carly was snorting lines, Brady was getting his drink on…We also had a bit of drama off screen, which you can read about here: Mark Hapka is not returning to DOOL. Find out what stood out for me…

Kate’s always been a meddler but it’s been a while since I’ve seen her in action and I admit to feeling surprised she harassed Jenn for dating Daniel. I guess I thought Kate had moved on with Stefano and seems happy, so why still a woman scorned? Age and happiness in love haven’t changed her meddling side. She’s still a naughty girl. I wondered if this was foreshadowing a return from Lucas or if it’s another random storyline generated in the mind of Hackley.

Is Brady a Drunken Coward?
I’m referring to this thread. “Fight,” in our DOOL forums. This never once occurred to me while watching the graphic violent scene that probably belonged on “General Hospital” more than “DOOL.” EJ DiMera has done countless reprehensible misdeeds and was finally getting a little bit of payback for being partially to blame for Arianna’s murder and a million other things and yet we’re more worried about whether or not Brady’s a coward? I love the DiMera family. I love their history and I still think EJ deserved payback. I can’t even list the crimes he has gotten away with. Same with Stefano. Sure Brady had that big-assed goon start things off, which wasn’t even necessary, but he wasn’t just trying to beat up EJ, he wanted to kill him. EJ wouldn’t have even gotten his dainty fingers dirty at all. He’d have hired “The Cleaner” to get rid of Brady. Is that cowardly too or is that merely ‘delegating’?

“Judy61” asked, “She [Ari] died over a year ago! Why now?”

Ask Dena Higley. Not much has ever made sense written by her hand. “Bghwme” thinks “Brady is full of rage, and has been for a long time. He has spent many years standing on the sidelines while the DiMeras have hurt, destroyed, tortured, and manipulated the people in Brady’s life. The drinking and the drugs, I think were Brady’s way of trying to cope with this deep-seated rage. I think a lot of the things mentioned in this thread should have been brought up so that we (the audience) could better “feel” Brady’s rage. The whole thing would have made much more sense.”