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These are the “Days” of my week from June 6-10:

This wasn’t one of my most favourite weeks in Salem, except perhaps for Nicole bitch-slapping Taylor – twice. It was a busy week in reality. A few “DOOL” actors were let go including Nadia Bjorlin, Bren Foster, and Tamara Braun. I broke the story yesterday that we gained Mark Hapka, who will return as Nathan Horton to steal Mel away from Dario, since Francisco San Martin’s been let go. Still more changes to come. Let’s hope that includes the new writers shredding all of the recycled scripts in Higley’s file cabinet.

Mommie Dearest?
I don’t think any of us has ever thought of Vivian Alamain as ‘mommy material’. I’m not a fan of rewriting history but in this case, Aunt Vivi has been gone for years. It’s not a rewrite. Who’s to say she didn’t have a child with some menace to society in Australia? I love Vivian and would have loved to see where this could go. I’m eating up every moment of her screen time until her departure.

Stockholm Syndrome?
If Chloe wants to sell her body for money, that’s her prerogative but to be forced into it is vile. Even though Quinn showed Chloe ‘proof’ of her taking money for sex, she can twist that story to have him hauled off to jail for pimping. She can also get a voice recorder and tape their conversations, but she’s not that bright. Instead, she stared at him and got weepy. How do I loathe weak females? Let me count the ways… What should Chloe do? Vote!

I can’t help but remember that there was another sex tape of Melanie and Philly floating around that Steph watched in 2009. Whatever happened to Stephanie anyway? So basically, Higley was well paid to recycle some part of each storyline every two years. After all, she wrote EJ evil every second year. For years ending with an even number, EJ was ‘good’. Years ending in an odd number, EJ was back to being his evil self. Shall we pick one and stick to it?