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It’s new, it’s fresh, it’s just in time for the weekend so you can take your gals and head out to the malls to shop! The only difference between this column and my others is that we’re celebrating! It’s been a year since I started posting these pieces!

Congratulations to for having the one, the only, wardrobe questions answered, direct from DAYS, on the net ! It all started April 12th, when posted an article about Kristian Alfonso’s exciting new clothing line, Hope Faith Miracles. Fans of the show had been seeing all these gorgeous earrings and necklaces that ‘Hope’ was wearing on canvas and she started advertising for this lovely site, on her own official website. We had a few questions at first and I started speaking to a pal of mine at DAYS about them. She offered to get the answers to me and here we are, a year later, going strong!

Fashions have changed in a year. Questions have become more detailed, we went from people asking us to help them raid Ali’s wardrobe. In fact, the first question that I believe was asked on one of my wardrobe pieces was from Brooke W, who wanted to know about the wedding planners shirts that Sami wore March 4, 2007! I was able to find out the answer, thankfully – sometimes we can’t get the answer, but more often than not, fans appear to be very happy to know where to get the clothing that the stars wear! So this is to Kristian Alfonso, for allowing me to have a voice and to allow readers a place to post their questions about clothing, beauty, style, hair, make-up, etc.

Ginny C asks, “There were wooden letters spelling “Believe” in the sorority house scene on Days of our Lives. I would like to know where to get them….

Hi Ginny, I contacted my pal about this the day you sent the email in, which was a while back. The Art Department is where she sent it to and as they’ve yet to respond, I figure it’s either taking them some time to find out where these letters are from, or they simply have forgotten. I remember that Hope Faith Miracles had some bracelets out called ‘believe’ and wondered if this was a part of her site. I didn’t see them when I browsed there but I found a few sites that may have something similar:,, and Not sure where you reside. That last one is a UK site. You should be able to paint them to match your décor in any room! However, my friend at Days was reading this piece before it went live and she remembered where the BELIEVE wooden letters came from – LAMPS PLUS!! So run over there and purchase yours!!

Julie Z asks, “Hello!! I was just wondering if anyone can let me know what lip gloss Belle was wearing on the episode that aired March 25, 2008. It was the episode where Shawn and Belle were at the pub saying goodbye to Marlena and Sami. I would really appreciate if someone could help out with that!”

I remember that day well but the show doesn’t recall where the gloss came from. Sorry! Chances are, it was an old gloss. What I do, when I can’t find out information like this, I go to Sephora or The Bay (or any makeup counter) and talk to the professionals you meet. Tell them what the colour was that you’re seeking, if it is matte or a gloss, and she’ll show you different types of glosses. Keep in mind that our skin colour and hair colour will decipher what looks good on us.

Nora P asks, “I am in love with the gold belted shopper purse Hope was carrying in today’s (3/26) episode when Ava kidnapped her. It made me sick the purse went in the trash can! Can you tell us where we could get a great purse like that?”

I already went on set, picked at the garbage can and am suddenly sporting that handbag this Friday night while I’m at Circa in Toronto, for a big bash with my pals over at PROUDFM!! Kidding…. But good news. It’s by Francesco Biasia and you can find it at Nordstrom. The name Nordstrom gives me the shivers…Biasia. I’m not going to go there. Nope. I… see ya!

Bo L asks.” Morgan wore a beautiful green shoulder cut out blouse yesterday 3/26, do you know where I can get it?” Also…Angie K asks, “Hi There, I really love the Teal blouse that Morgan on Days of our lives was wearing on March 28th episode. Please tell me where I can find it. Thank you ~Angie~”

That was so cute and she wore it well. I want one, too… in medium. *Checks to see if husband is reading over shoulder* I never used to really notice the clothes until I started writing this column! That pretty blouse is a Nanette Lepore. Look for it here

Pauline J asks, “Can anyone tell me where to buy the outlined gold heart shaped earrings (with a pearl dangling down) that Belle wore on the 3/7/08 episode?”

First of all, thanks for posting your post that was under my last wardrobe piece, into an email! Much easier for me but alas, the show didn’t know where the earrings came from. I think they could have been Martha’s, but I’m not 100%. Feel free to hunt something similar down at your local jewelers.

From Kelly F: “Hello, Can anyone tell me the brand of the large hoop rhinestone earrings that Shelley (Stephanie Johnson) was wearing on Friday’s Mar.28th? I absolutely loved them and have to get some! Thanks for any help on this. Big time Days fan, Kelly”

I sure can. They’re from Bebe – and you may be able to find them on the bebe website! Good luck!

Misty F asks, ” Hey I was just wondering if you know what shirt Hope is wearing now on the show… it’s a lime green shirt and it is beautiful.”

That was the April 3rd show and she’s been wearing it ever since. Ugh… they wash these items once a week, we hear (from an old Farah Fath (Mimi) interview!) Luckily, it’s from BCBG and we are sure that the softness of the fabric and little BCBG tag in the back of the shirt will make Hope (Kristian Alfonso) a little happier about wearing it for so long! You can purchase it at …sigh…Macy*s!

Misty L asked, “Where can I find the white lantern sleeved coat that Belle wears in the episodes around Feb 26, 2008? I really love this coat. Thanks.”

Pretty coat. It looked blue to me so I’m a little concerned but I searched through all my photos and it was the only coat that sounded like your description. It’s from Nanette Lepore. See the site link above! I’m a medium… get two! I mean, one for yourself of course!

Sharon S asks, “Where can I buy the same watch as Kristian Alfonso wears on Days. I’ve been admiring it for a long time. I believe it is probably stainless steel.”

This is a new question for us. A watch. I don’t think I capture hands enough to show this watch and when I asked my lil pal at the show, she didn’t know where it came from. It’s either old, it is the actresses own item or they just plumb forgot. Sorry, Sharon. If I happen to see it in an episode, I’ll take a photo of it and pop it into our updates, just for you. You can then print it and take it to your jeweler. Have your own made or they can tell you where to find something similar.

Lynda W asks, “On the Friday, March 28th episode, Marlena was wear a beautiful dress coat with a beautiful soft green evening dress. Can you please tell me who the dress and coat were by and where they can be purchased? Thank you.”

So easy for me to find. You gave the right date and of course I knew we’d have questions about this lovely gown and cape. The dress is from Robert Ellis – no word on where the coat is from. I’m sorry! The thing is, I don’t know this designer and have no website for him. Try the high-end stores and name drop – see if they know who he is and where you can purchase his items.

Donna W asks, “Hi there again! I was hoping you could tell me where to get the green sweater Sami was wearing on March 24th – also Hope’s gold-ish blouse!”