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These are the “Days” of my week from May 30-June 3:

Big news this week is that “DOOL” let go of Crystal Chappell and Louise Sorel and are bringing back Drake Hogestyn and Deidre Hall after four long years. We’ve seen the show bring brilliant talent to the show only to ruin a character beyond recognition by either not writing for them or by rehashing the past so much that fans stop watching. That’s the case with Crystal and my dear dear Louise. Is the recycling and weak writing a thing of the past after August? With Corday at the helm, I’m not sure how much optimism I have left. And who else will we lose and gain during this month? I know we’re to see more of Roman, Abe and Lexi, and there are a few more changes on the horizon in regards to budget and story. I’m both nervous and a small part of me is hopeful, but do we really need to bring back past characters in order to tell a good story? It always feels as though the powers that be blame the actors instead of their own tired writing.

Kingpin Quinn:
Our smarmy friend Kingpin Quinn has been listening in on Chloe’s private discussions about her son with Justin. He’s smirking at videos he took of himself having nookie with Chloe. No wonder he didn’t care that she called him by another name while bedding her down. He’s using her for, well, not just sex but it’s obvious that he’s going to blackmail her into a big mess in order to pay off the growing bill for those bespoke suits. I have no name for the new restaurant the couple dined in but it was circa 1970s. I didn’t care for it at all. Give me Salem Place. Did you like it? What did you most enjoy this week from the little things such as new sets and Quinn watching his homemade porn? Vote in’s poll.

“Quinn, this place is not big enough for the both of us.”
I waited years and years for madame to return to my screen for comedic relief. I’ll try to control my sobs of anguish at the thoughts of not seeing Louise Sorel as Vivian on “DOOL” anymore and not to see cute Gus anymore and simply get on with it. Quinn and Vivian know each other from the past. All I will say is that this story has potential as does the talented actor who portrays Quinn. The actress has stated that there are some great strong scenes on the way with Quinn and Vivi. I’ll savour the time we have left with her, knowing that she’s not planning on returning to the show even if asked. I’m crushed and Corday and Higley have nobody but themselves to blame. I may be a little bitter on this one.