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These are the “Days” of my week from May 23-27:

There was less stuttering this week on “DOOL” than last, when it seemed everyone was tripping over their tongues. Instead, they had better things to do with their tongues: kiss. Here are my thoughts for the week even though I don’t have a lot to say.

Chloe was never the sharpest gal.
I have no problem with Chloe getting into bed with Quinn. I don’t have a problem with her spending the money he gave her. I’m glad sex with Kingpin Quinn made her get off her ass and pursue time with Parker. My issue is that she’s relying on him to motivate her instead of motivating herself. She’s so desperate to love and be loved that she overlooks things like knowing that when a one-nighter is over, it’s over. You don’t date the guy. She really does need to move back into Maggie’s place and receive more guidance. She also needs ‘super power’ hearing in order to listen in on Quinn’s calls so she can witness him spewing threats with his best Godfather delivery. Vote on whether or not Chloe should be with Quinn.

Rewritten? Forgotten? Or just another of EJ’s lies?
Taylor told EJ that Nicole said she and EJ had a good thing until Taylor moved back to Salem. This is true, though EJ denied it. Of course he denied it. He’s EJ. A liar. In an interview around the same time, James Scott said EJ was falling back in love with Nicole. So their relationship was going somewhere until he met Taylor and started having feelings for her. I’m not blaming. I just want the facts straight.

The last time Bo saw Carly, she was having a bizarre meltdown in his living room about Ciara running away, so I thought it was fitting that he’d be worried enough about her to pay her a visit. Unfortunately, I think he unintentionally made things worse. Do you think Carly will stay off the drugs permanently? If so, will Jennifer find out the truth anyway and will Carly face the board? Do you care about this storyline? Do you find it weak?

I really like Carly and Daniel’s friendship and the scene where he called her Katerina gave me a chuckle. I’d like to see more of Daniel as a happy-go-lucky guy and more banter between him and Carly – friendly or otherwise. Why not cash in on their chemistry?