Chloe: "Whose cheese is best?"

These are the “Days” of my week from May 16-20:

Everyone saw the light this week. EJ saw the light, Victor saw the light, Maggie saw the light and apparently the powers that be finally saw the light and fired Dena Higley, thus making me one – amongst many others – an ecstatic “DOOL” fan. I went from jaw-dropping shock, to having sweaty palms, my heart was jumping out of my chest, I felt validated, the urge to sing and dance overcome me and even now I can’t wipe this grin off my face. It’s never nice to gloat when one loses their job and for me it’s not about being happy for somebody’s loss but for my gain. For our gain. Saving the show that I’ve loved since 1994, one that she’s been ruining in her tenure, somehow gives me a right to feel happy. Vote about how you feel about the changes with the DOOL head writers.

There is hope that our show will get back on top where it belongs! Oh happy day!

Scintillating dialogue:
After reuniting, Sami told Rafe, “Knowing you’re you is amazing, because I know you in my soul. I know we’ll be us again.” I’m sniggering even now! It was bad enough she said that but when Rafe asked her if they ever did anything fun, the answer, which clearly should have been a resounding “No,” was of course that hideous scene with the “Dogs Playing Poker” painting. And that was excruciating, not fun. This is one reunion that has accelerated about three months into the future in a mere day. I suppose Higley wanted this played out quickly so she can have Rafe switch places with RoboRafe.

Coincidence or not?
I couldn’t believe my ears when Daniel offered Jennifer cheese and babbled on incoherently about all the “cheese” he was bringing to their hiking date. What are the chances?!

Best kept secret.
Sure there are other teasers I know about Quinn, but finding out that he’s the new Salem drug lord was a huge shock for me. I immediately worried for my poor Chloe, who is in rough enough shape that she doesn’t need to get involved with this fiend. And what kind of man doesn’t mind when a woman calls out another man’s name while fooling around? Ew! Because we’ve heard Jack’s returning, maybe Daniel will help Chloe get out of this mess, they’ll get back together and Jenn will go back to Jack where she belongs. It could happen.

Worst line? “If it isn’t my personal Pretty Woman,” Did Daniel offer Quinn some cheese offscreen? Could Kingpin Quinn be Nicholas Alamain? Just wondering.

Oh Justin.
Chloe gets to see Parker because Justin decided to ignore his confidentiality agreement with Philly K?

Speaking of Jack:
I have a bone to pick with Hope, who trashed Jack by explaining to Daniel how “inaccessible” Jack is. “There was a disconnect when it came to friendship or anything else,” Hope said. What’s she smoking? Jack was, in the words of my friend Gordon Parkurst, “If anything, too accessible.” I would rant more about this but Higley’s gone so I’m hoping the new head writers, Marlene Clark Poulter, and Darrell Ray Thomas Jr. will rectify this grievous error.