The NEW LATC announces that they’re to partner with the LA Theater Initiative to throw a celebratory event called” Fresh Paint”, Friday April 18, 2008, in the name of the arts. Here’s the kicker! This is where Days of Our Lives’ Blake Berris comes in. Berris (Nick Fallon) is one of the founders of the LA Theater Initiative!

This event is free and will serve as a venue for like-minded artists of every age and color to meet each other and meet the space. You’ll be sampling an eclectic line-up of samplings from THE NEW LATC’s upcoming Spring on Spring series, as well as supplemental programming from new, young LA-based artists.

What will you be doing while you’re there? Well with a night of live music, art, liquor, food and turntables, we think you’ll be dancing, drinking, appreciating art and snacking! Sounds like a fantastic night, not to mention that the NEW LATC’s recent renovations leaving this historic landmark transformed from a century-old bank into an 80,000 square feet of performance and gallery space that includes four stages that range from 99 seats to 492 seats, an antique vault converted into an art gallery, and a prodigious grand lobby that boasts the largest stained glass ceiling on the west coast! (If you attend, send photos!)

Make sure you’re there early. “Fresh Paint” starts at 9 PM on Friday, April 18th at The NEW LATC (514 S. Spring St, Los Angeles 90013) And don’t forget that admission is free, free, free!