Is he back to Salem?

Original article: May 17

Audience members have been wondering if Jack Devereaux would ever come back to town. After all, his ex-wife Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) and daughter Abby (Kate Mansi) came back months ago and hardly go a day without talking about him. Now that Jennifer is finally moving on with her life, Jack is determined to enter back into it. Matthew Ashford will be returning to the role later this month.

The actor stated on his official Facebook page, “I wish to make an announcement. I am happy to report that I will be returning to NBC’s ‘Days of our Lives’ as the character of Jack Devereaux sometime later this month. I do not know any real specifics but look forward to this opportunity to play Jack and work with old and new friends. More news forthcoming soon. Thank you for all your support!”

Updated: July 13.

Ashford has returned to shooting new episodes. Expect to see him on-screen after September 26.