With EJ’s work ethic being called into question by the INS agent and the reveal of his newfound law degree, we got to thinking about other people’s careers in Salem. Soaps notoriously produce characters who have beautiful apartments and exciting lives, but don’t necessarily work in order to pay for them. Days of Our Lives is certainly no exception and with that in mind we take a peek at a few Salemites and their work habits.

We recognize that there are people in Salem who do work, heck it’s all Abe and Lexie ever seem to do, but we have to wonder about the rest of their friends.

Sami Brady
With the love of her life (Lucas) in jail and one of her baby’s daddy (EJ) only recently getting a job with Mickey, how does she pay rent on her cute apartment and take care of her kids? That’s a good question, because as far as we can tell, she has been unemployed for quite some time. While her past positions have included being the Director of Imaging at Titan Publishing, a receptionist at Salem University Hospital, a receptionist for Basic Black, an Executive Assistant at Austin’s company and EJ’s partner at Mythic, she seems to currently be without income.

Lucas Roberts
He’s in jail now, but even when he was out, his employment history was sketchy. Yes, he once worked for Tony DiMera and worked at Titan, but was fired months before he went into the slammer and his only plan was to go to law school. Hopefully he’s learning some new skills in jail so he can help support his daughter with Sami once he gets out.