No wonder Jenn's always so happy! (

These are the “Days” of my week from May 9-13:

Happy Friday the 13th! It’s been another good week. The big theme this week was about “seeing the light.” Victor thought Maggie saw the light, Nicole said she saw the light and EJ said he too saw the light. Did Higley finally see the light too? Well for sweeps she did.

There you are!
Thursday and Friday my Sami returned for two whole days. She thought with her brain, not her emotions, and she wasn’t weak. Her relationship with Rafe had almost come full circle. I want this to mean that both of them will change as a result but Friday’s show had me in a coma watching her fill Rafe in on his past. I felt much like she did in seeing RetroRafe again. For those two days I said, “It’s you. I knew it was you. I knew the other Sami wasn’t you.” Is sniveling Sami gone or is this temporary?

The only sad part is that “the creature,” RoboRafe, was locked in the bathroom grunting and groaning and had no good lines to contribute to my entertainment. Matt from SOF’s Matt’s DOOL Musings likened him to Frankenstein.

Too involved.
Melanie wants her parents to get together, and the aggressiveness and protective vibe is too much for me. She’s overly involved. “MarshaKinderUSA” on Twitter suggested it’s because she has waited so long to find love, a home and family that she feels the fragility of it all and doesn’t want to lose it. Likely true but it’s still annoying. Oh and those Mel and Dario scenes? Not working for me. She can do better.

Brady Bunch?
It was like a scene out of an episode of “The Brady Bunch,” when Daniel and Jennifer made their girls apologize to each other after all that incessant bickering over stuff that’s none of either of their businesses. I suppose there could be some fun scenes if they eventually all moved into the Horton house together.