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These are the “Days” of my week from April 25-29:

What stood out at me the most this week was the Spanish speaking scenes that seemed to wake me up out of a stupor. The rest of the week was in English but the dialogue was really strange for Taylor. I love marketing too but who uses that many metaphors? And the dialogue was really redundant for EJ. Yes, we get that he’s going to be “kind and gentle” when he crushes Nic’s heart. Sami returned after a long peaceful week and immediately dumped off her kids at Caroline’s -no surprise there- while RoboRafe tried to figure out how he got stuck in that locker. With her. Instead of sipping margaritas on the beach. Let’s break down what else happened and then I’d love to hear your own thoughts on the week.

Eye yey yey.
Argh I only know French and Italian and there was Gabi and Dario chit chatting away in Spanish last week and not a subtitle to behold. If this is going to become a habit, I need my subtitles. I’m a little envious they’re so fluent but it has made me question why Rafe and Ari have never spoken Spanish. I’m assuming it was spoken around the family home and wonder why it has just come up now.

The kiddies.
It was another huge anti-climactic ending to the Theo and Ciara runaway storyline. Bad enough we had to sit through it but then we didn’t even get a pay-off? At least let Leah the homeless prostitute stick around a while. Not in a Willow Stark capacity or anything but Leah interests me… And now that Quinn the pimp’s coming to the show, it seems fitting.

Tamara Braun is already comfortable in her role as Taylor this week. The powers that be did say they were taking Tay in a new direction and we can already see that. Don’t get too comfortable with EJaylor. They’re not going to last.

Go Nic Nic.
It’s good to see Nicole on top again, even though she’s hurting. It’s funny to me that nothing EJ does fazes Chloe. Did you notice when she learned that EJ was cheating with Taylor she barely batted one of her double-set of eyelashes?

I’m enjoying these ghostly visits from Faye. Keep them coming.