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These are the “Days” of my week from April 18-22:

Monday’s episode was superb. There were some great family scenes between Mel and Daniel, and Stefano and Lexi. Chloe’s martini guzzling and drunk dialing was extremely entertaining… Even Dario going off on RoboRafe in Spanish was hysterical. Every scene was jam-packed with soapy goodness and best of all, they all wore red or a coordinating colour. No more blue and purple. The rest of the week could have been better but in the words of the Stones, “You can’t always get what you want.”

More smirking.
I commented to Matt of (Matt’s DOOL Musings.), “Why is Will always smirking, even in sad scenes?” Matt replied, “It’s because he’s thinking about sex.” Note to Will: It’s highly distracting.

Rafe’s escape.
Rafe turned into McGyver this week by letting out all the ink from a ballpoint pen he nicked. The question is, does he have any bubble-gum? Better question, where did he get the scrubs? I’ll miss the eccentric doctor when he escapes but I’m actually looking forward to finding out what he does once he’s out.

Could Stefano have ordered Troy to do the hit on Arianna? Is that why he asked RoboRafe to get rid of her? And how did he know Robo would add murder to his list of transgressions? As well, did you find it unusual that after Mel doused Dario with pepper spray, she ran all the way to the pub to get him a milk-covered rag to bring back to him instead of simply bringing him with her?

The gall!
Robo’s got a big set, taking that chippie back to the locker room and telling her his sister’s the blonde in the photos with the kids! What a cruddy thing to do. It was brilliant.

Runaway blues.
I’m not surprised that Bo or Roman didn’t think of using the GPS in Ciara’s cell phone to find her but shouldn’t Hope have thought of that? I guess she was too busy worrying. I’m missing the importance of this storyline and what the outcome is supposed to change, since Bope is already back together and I’m sure the kids will be fine. I thought possibly Lexi and Hope would be at odds but that notion was crushed. The only engrossing part of the story has been Carly’s deliciously outlandish behaviour, Victor commenting on the last time he saw Ciara and Hope’s avocado sweater with the plumb cami underneath. Your fave part of the DOOL runaway storyline? Vote here.