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These are the “Days” of my week from April 11-15:

All anyone can think about today is yesterday’s tragic news of two soap operas’ demise. After September, there will no longer be “All My Children,” and after January 2012, “One Life To Live” will go dark forever. This is devastating news not just for the cast and crew, or my staff who will lose out on the work, but for the soap opera genre as a whole. We’re left with four soaps and an empty hole in our hearts. I feel angry. ABC disrespected the soap opera sites by not even sending the press release to us before we all had to hear it on a non-soapy site. If I’m a little grumpy with my thoughts this week it’s because I shudder to think it could happen to us next.

Goodbye, dear Faye.
Oh my poor Faye. She never hurt a fly. I consider her a vet with ties to Roman and Abe, but Higley doesn’t care. She killed her off anyway, and for what? To further a storyline for a freaking Hernandez – or a Hernandez look-alike? I’d rather have seen them send her away again so we at least know the character is safe. What’s next? Killing off Jack Devereaux? I shouldn’t give her any ideas. Instead, we’re stuck with Dario, Gabby and self-righteous Abby, but we’ll never see Faye again. This is why people stop watching.

Bye Steph!
April 6 was Stephanie’s last day in Salem. Her last scene was in the pub with Dario, discussing her arch enemy Melanie. Sort of a slap in the face to the actress and to her fans, non? Nathan Horton got a decent send-off. What makes him so special? Stephanie Johnson was in Salem long before he showed up. Does Higley think Hennig’s fans enjoyed her last scene such as it was?

Please don’t flashback to this!
While I dig random scenes in our soaps, I thought it was a little too random for some unknown dude to show up at the pub and have ‘Open Mic’ night. And why on earth did we have to hear that horrible inappropriate song Chloe sang? “Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child.” Talk about your dark foreshadowing. She’s sure going to feel like a motherless child when Philly K takes Parker and hightails it out of Salem.