Cle De Peau foundation Days of Our Lives news wouldn’t be the same without a few wardrobe Q&As. This time around, I had a make-up question and lucky for the fans, Days has some amazing people who are happy to help out and give us the scoop on not only the wardrobe and jewelry questions but we can now provide Days fans with hair and make-up answers! We can’t guarantee we can have all of your great questions answered but we promise to try!

Jean M asks, I am trying to find out how I can either purchase the scarf Belle wears with her winter coat or get a pattern to make one. Can you help me?

Hi Jean, unfortunately, the show isn’t positive on this. They say it’s an old item and it might have been purchased from M. Fredric.

Kathy B asks, Can you tell me where to find the earrings that Sami wore (2-3 weeks ago) when she told Lucas goodbye? They were oblong black hoops. Also, on the same day, Sami wore a black jack with a fleur di lis on the back of it. I imagine that it is a Hope Faith piece of clothing, but I can’t find it. Thanks!

The hoop earrings were an old item, my pal at Days tells me. She also says the jacket – surprise for you – wasn’t from Hope Faith Miracles (as we adore) but was from Glamour Campaign at M. Fredric! The show makes a lot of purchases from M. Fredric, as you may have seen in my past wardrobe pieces. This answer was also for Mary M, Teresa F, Stephanie K – thanks for writing in!

Chastity M asks, Wow, I see I’m not the only one who loves the clothes and accessories that is worn by the actresses on Days. I have been wanting so bad to find who I could ask: On the (I believe near the 15-18th of September) episodes of Days of Our Lives Belle was wearing a long chain necklace with a heart on it. Do you know where I could find it or something similar? Thank you so much for everything!

No, loads of ladies and men love the clothes on DAYS! Don’t you wish we could have a party and get together to discuss the wardrobe over cocktails?!! We only receive a few letters for other shows about wardrobe but stacks of email for Days . Their wardrobe department should take pride in this!