Zombie-Kate says, "Caaaaake." (Soaps.com)

These are the “Days” of my week from March 21-25:

Another food theme this week with cookies making a full appearance at the Horton household, Rafe trying to stuff his sausage down Sami’s throat, the kooky doc feeding Rafe veggies, and Vivian licking icing from the tips of her fingers. With all the criticisms I throw at DOOL, I still prefer it over any other soap. I recapped today’s Y&R and will be recapping for Monday as well, and one thing I found to be missing is humour. Kudos to DOOL for making me laugh on a daily basis, even if it’s sometimes unintentional…

Cake fight.
Kate and Vivian’s cake fight scene was fun from Kate’s dig about Vivian having to hire help to befriend her, to Vivian’s taunts about Kate not knowing what her own man is up to. Both make good points. They’d make a good team. Stefano’s advice to EJ about scratching the itch while making everything in his personal life look legit made me wonder if I should be doubting his sincerity where his own wife’s concerned. That’s some kind of DiMera advice!

Cold coffee.
Nathan channeled the DiMera in himself while he traipsed across town to push his feelings on to Melanie. He and Steph got closure, which was great, but the experience has left Stephanie bitter and inspired her to spread gossip to a complete stranger about Melanie’s tainted past. Dario now thinks Mel’s still that same player. I don’t mind the story, but I’m just not feeling Dario yet. Did you break out into laughter when Gabi asked RoboRafe to let Dario stay in the extra bedroom at the loft? That dinky little locker room has five bedrooms? Seriously, we’re supposed to believe that? Also that Sami stirred in anti-anxiety meds into cold coffee and it dissipated?

I think RoboRafe could be the one who killed Arianna. I polled you and 67% agreed. The rest thought it was too easy, making me wonder if they’ve ever seen DOOL. While Robo was faking seizures and falling in love with Samanther, we got to see Rafe in a sanitarium with a younger version of Dr. Rolf feeding him veggies and handing out gold stars. The doctor was pretty funny but the scene didn’t drum up any concern for Rafe in me. I did like that he’s thinking like himself and has gotten a clue … as to who he is. He sure has a fan in Johnny, as does RoboRafe. I laughed when Johnny gushed about how he loves Rafe even more now.