Call the Feds! The CIA! (

These are the “Days” of my week for March 13-18:

The words ‘character motivation’ and ‘strong women’ are lost on Higley. This week’s theme? Divorce.

Daniel’s cutting himself loose from Chloe just as Jenn’s cutting Jack loose, and Mel’s getting rid of Philly. No therapy. Are they taking the easy way out or is this what you want?

Sami et al.
Sami, a girl prone to violent outbursts, hitting, and general fits of nastiness is suddenly against violence? This is how they’re going to get us back on the Sami train? Ask me how sick I am of seeing that key already. Obviously it’s the key to the whole sodding Safe storyline but what a dreadful bore. Highlight: Rafe in the argyle. Never thought I’d see the day! I dug seeing RoboRafe before surgery. Thug looked like a sexual deviant. Though his face (and body?) has changed, I still don’t get how Sami can’t tell her husband’s penis from some other dude’s. You know you’ve all been thinking it.

Hit and Run.
mikey32 says, “What the hell is going on here? A woman gets killed by a hit and run driver; Nothing is said about it again. The Dimera’s run wild in Salem, no one cares. But some little girl gets her earrings stolen and all hell breaks loose.”

Worse, Gabi thinks Rafe did everything humanely possible to find the hit and run driver. Gabi must be living in Melaswen because Rafe did nothing to find the culprit and neither did the SPD, yet the ‘bad boy’ Dario hired a private investigator. Ari’s been gone since October 27, 2010, and we’re just now going to see this storyline take off. Can you see me shaking my head? Vote on your thoughts on the storyline. And another thing. Just how many Hernandai are there? The character of Ari didn’t go over well, I could care less about Gabi, and her sudden ethnic accent now that Dario’s on the scene. She’s even ruined Will for me. I used to really like Will but he’s a bore now and what’s with the constant smirking? Abby told him she was in a bad mood and instead of putting on his ‘oh that’s sad, cousin’ face, he smirked. Why have they stopped writing for this talented actor? Gabi’s front and center when nobody cares about the Hernandai – unless they’re a Safe fan and then they probably only care about Rafe. Higley should write a book, “How to win at alienating your fans.” She wouldn’t need a ghost writer.

Spin the bottle.
It feels once again as though TPTB are about to throw certain couples together, playing something similar to spin the bottle except rolling the dice to see who possibly has chemistry together. Will Daniel be with Jenn or Carly? They’ve tried Philly and Nathan for Mel and decided neither worked so will they go with Dario? You know in Salem there has to be at least two triangles going on at once so will Brady be the third person in the Delanie saga? Highlight: Jennifer’s cookies almost burning. I dug that they brought back their cookie theme just for Matt SOF’s Matt’s DOOL Musings and I.