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These are the “Days” of my week from March 7-11:

The ratings have gone down since this Rafe doppelganger storyline has started. I’ve been perusing the comments and the forums and fans as a whole don’t seem to like doppelganger storylines on a soap opera. Y&R just had twelve in a row which drove us all around the bend. Let’s talk about what else drives us around the bend…

Super Brady.
Brady has turned into a caricature of himself. That cartoon superhero voice, the strong stance, the narrowing of the eyes. He’s usually pretty fun but I’m finding it a bit over the top right now. You know what’s missing? Romance or nookie. What are your thoughts? Vote on what Brady needs.

No candles!
Sami taught RoboRafe the art of “making love to Sami” which is completely different than the ‘wham bam thank you Sam’ sex. She loves ordering people around so it was extra titillating for her to teach him but it came off as pretty sexy. How come Safe has never been this sexy and spontaneous before?

Do I have to say goodbye to Jack ‘n’ Jenn?
I like Jack and Jennifer and them as a couple as well. This divorce storyline doesn’t feel right to me. Jack’s not even in town and you know it’s only written in order to get Jenn single to date Dr. Feelgood who I’d rather be with Carly. The one-sidedness is a slap disrespectful of the couple’s history. Does Higley get that the fans who care about this couple don’t want to see this? Is she even a soap opera fan? Sure, Jack ‘n’ Jenn have always had their ups and downs, but this time I’m worried that since they can’t get Matthew Ashford on the show that the couple is doomed. I realize Jenn needs a storyline but I’d rather not have her on the show than tear up the couple.

Deluding himself.
Poor delusional Nathan. He’s been carrying on all over Salem as though he and Mel are already engaged when in fact she looks pained each time he is with her. He has become a male Stephanie, which I suppose he sort of deserves since he lived a lie with her, but this isn’t the note I wanted to see him go out on. I dug how Steph really got in his face at the pub. I prefer her bitter than whiney. Go Steph!

Adrienne and Justin are so adorable. “DOOL” is doing the right thing by reuniting these two and I can’t wait for their wedding.