Whoa! Slow down, boy! (Soaps.com)

These are the “Days” of my week from February 28-March 4:

Bghwme says, “I fell asleep again while trying to watch the show. It just doesn’t hold my interest.”

Cherished guest.
EJ toasted to the guests at his wedding to Nicole. He referred to some of them as “Cherished guests,” which I found funny. I told Matt, who replied, “Who were those people? Random diners?” It’s not like EJ has friends. Seriously, I wondered why Philly was even there when things started off. Since when did a Kiriakis celebrate the wedding of a family who tried to murder him? The wedding was a dreadful bore but according to Nicole, the wedding night was filled with “unconventional sex,” which just grossed out poor delicate Taylor.

Enough of scarf flashbacks and enough of EJ and Taylor gaping at each other. It’s been beaten to death. Agree or disagree. Vote!

Boy can RoboRafe put away those nuts.
Did you see Robo break the head off of Allie’s voodoo doll? I thought it was a sure sign that Sami’s head is next. It seems as though the volatile hobo is getting closer to being the one calling all the shots. I predict that soon Stefano and EJ will be wishing they’d never hired him. (This isn’t a spoiler.) RoboRafe really is a testament to Gering’s acting skills. I can’t believe how nasty Robo is compared to the real Rafe and how he has that lumbering down to a science. It’s almost a caricature of Rafe.

Sami was awesome Tuesday afternoon when she went at the doppelganger for his inappropriate behavior with Stephanie. It was humiliating for her and really worrisome. She went from having it all to living with a deranged construction worker. Though the real Rafe would have done the MRI for the kids, she’d have been better off to ask the creeper to do it for sex. He’d have done it in a heartbeat.

Meanwhile, Stefano wanted to tarnish Sir Galahad’s reputation, and smartly injected Rafe with a memory erasing drug, which I doubt works. I think it’s from his stash from 1985 when he used some to erase John Black’s memory. I love how Rafe called Robo a sock puppet and asked, “If I don’t have a memory, who is going to be the brains of the robot?” Even Rafe calls the impostor a robot!