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These are the “Days” of my week from February 14-18:

The big news this week is that DOOL Co-Head Writer Christopher Whitesell is no longer with the show. The studio was quick to tell me that this doesn’t necessarily mean he was let go. I’m not sure if this will be good for the show or not. This week wasn’t too bad once you fast forwarded through the nausea inducing EJaylor scenes and the Rafe impostor storyline. Not that I could, but I’ve been dying for more scenes with the vets, which currently run as commercials between the other two storylines. I am happy, however, that the show celebrated Valentine’s Day and made it interesting.

Go Gadget sex drive.
RoboRafe had only been living with Sami one night when he started complaining about the lack of “alone time.” Dude’s getting paid handsomely to get naked with a pretty blonde and needs to stop whining. Leave that to Sami. Have you seen the way he ambles around the locker room? Matt, of Matt’s DOOL Musings figures they stitched him together from Philip’s old body parts. Biggest turn off line of the week? Him telling Rafe, “I’m heading in for seconds, hot rod.” Ew. Please just don’t make Sami preggers again. I don’t think I could stomach it. I have to admit I felt for poor Robo/Dodo/Hobo Rafe when EJ abused him and called him a simple little moron. Not that I disagree and I do suppose it is hard to find good help these days. Still, hiring this hobo was a bad idea. Didn’t Stefano learn from Susan? Honestly, and the way the guy beat Rafe up was really scary. Did they find this guy through Warden Jane? Does Sami have anything to worry about? How about the kids?

Bimbo thinks there’s such a thing as love at first sight?
I didn’t see one small spark of chemistry between Taylor and EJ. Did you see chemistry between EJaylor? Vote here! I found their meet-cute awkward and don’t think that dear sainted Taylor wouldn’t fall for a DiMera anyway. Besides, she’s far too loyal to Nicole to do anything about a simple attraction, so why the storyline? Because we can see Nicole and EJ are falling back in love with each other and the show can’t write one month without a love triangle.

From the fans: DOOL1965 says, “This was the corniest Hallmark moment ever.” Ejaminow says, “I thought no one could have a bad screen time with EJ but Taylor did. The scene and acting was off for both parties. The dialog was just awful. It was all just so lame. I expected more from EJ and the writers are just killing him. First they want to make him the ultimate bad guy and now they are making him lose his mind over some ninny.”