UPDATE: February 12 2008, with the end of the Writer’s Strike, the DAYS writers are back to work Wednesday February 13th!

On his myspace page, a now ex-writer for Days of Our Lives, Tom Casiello, expresses his pain over his job loss. He tells of the phone call he received that terminated his work on DAYS and shares that his last breakdown was sent in November 1 2007. Shocked and upset about this turn of events, he shares how the whole group was fired at once and rather suddenly. It’s the way it is. It’s always sudden for the one terminated but never sudden for the boss. It’s never easy to lose a job that you love and it’s obvious by reading his passage that there is a lot of love for the show, though contrary to his musings, it’s a well known fact that Days has been at the bottom of their game for several months, and then some. Though several writers have shockingly lost their jobs, the fans seem to understand this. They saw the ratings drop drastically and fans will attest to a lackluster for the show – because of the lack of good writing. Now that being said, the writers gave us a good run with some of the storylines and we thank them for that. As DAYS fans, we want to see the show moved to the #1 spot that we feel it deserves. We want the best for it so if this means firing all the writers and replacing them with those who have more of a sensibility for the show, shouldn’t we all be for that? Some would disagree. While this major firing has left some viewers thrilled with the prospect of far better writing and original storylines in the works, others can’t help but feel for those who have lost their jobs and are concerned more for what this will mean for the future of Days. Time will tell but what we have noticed, we can all agree on. The show has never been better in several ways. The writing is original, the vets and younger cast are being used, we’re seeing the outside of Salem a little more and the pace of the show is much faster than we’ve ever seen. This has all been with the recent introduction of writer, Dina Higley, who served as DAYS’s head writer in early 2003. Again, there is another side of this. The show has lost a few actors along the way.

Soaps.com has requested a quote from DAYS, however, they have not been available for comment regarding this. We spoke with a rep for WGA who tells us, “The writer’s guild cannot comment under the press blackout, but the Guild is looking into the situation.”

While Soaps.com also has no word on whether the show has also fired other script writers such as Bettina F. Bradbury, Cydney Kelley, and Jodie Scholz, there is speculation that Dina Higley will take over Hogan Sheffer’s role as Head Writer, who we all thought would do the show some good when he came to the show on October 5, 2006. For a short time, Sheffer did a great job with bringing the character of Elvis John Wells (Susan Banks and Stefano DiMera’s son) on canvas, with bringing an added edge to the show with the black glove crimes, etc. The writing went downhill shortly thereafter, driving fans away and the ratings down with the firing of several cast members including the much loved daytime vets.

At this point, the show is picking up and we’re seeing some good writing, some original storylines and we hope to see more in the future as DAYS struggles to stay on TV a little longer!