Sassy dress Belle (Martha Madison) wore BCBG visitors have had a few questions for me concerning the wardrobe of Days of Our Lives characters, and it’s no wonder. The wardrobe department does such an incredible job at selecting the most stylish attire, that the viewers at home just have to have what the characters on their fave soaps are wearing.

Shannon A asks, Hi could you tell me where the sweater or shirt that Sami was wearing when she was taken to the safe house with EJ? It was black with a floral print on the shoulder and backside. Thank you.

Hi Shannon, cool shirt, hmm? The floral patterned shirt is from LUCKY.

Chelsea B asks, I was wondering if you know where Belle’s dress is from that she wore on 12/24/2007 at Chez Rouge. It was a strapless black and white print…I’d love to own it!

Yes, I do and I remember it well. Belle had the run in with Chloe that night in the ladie’s room! The dress is gorgeous. It’s from my fave store… BCBG.

Daniela W asks, I’m pretty new to the message boards and I was wondering if you could find out for me where I can find the Royal Blue Coat Chelsea was wearing on a recent episode, I believe it was last week when she was outside of the pub talking to Nick? Can you help me; I would really love to purchase it.

Welcome! Yes, you mean the one where she’s spying on Crawford, Steph, Kayla and Steve? It’s from
JUICY COUTURE, and you can find it at various department stores. Good luck in finding it! Just Google to find locations where you can purchase in your area!

If you’ve any wardrobe questions, please use the contact link to send me a note. You’ll be dressing like a soap star in no time!

Christine Fix