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These are the “Days” of my week from February 7-11:

I was impressed with the sex this week after this long drought. The two year wait had EJ as giddy as a school boy and RoboRafe was patting himself on the back after taking Sami on a “magic carpet ride.” There wasn’t a candle to behold and it was passionate. Not to mention, Stefano and Kate got back together just in time for Valentine’s Day. That was the highlight of my week!

Speaking of RoboRafe, Matty of SOF’s Matt’s DOOL Musings and I often dish about the show on Twitter to one another while we’re recapping. It keeps us sane. We’ve both been pondering about who RoboRafe was before he came to meet Stefano and EJ.

Me: How does he know he has issues around babies? Isn’t he a creation?

Matt: I don’t know. Maybe he’s half hobo, half robot.

bghwme says, “The fake Rafe reminds me of Bart. Does anyone remember him? But Bart was funny and although loyal to the DiMeras, he was kind of harmless.”

So he is part hobo, part plastic and yeah, he does remind me of Bart a little. I miss Bart! Nearing the end of the week we learned that Robo’s just some random guy that was paid handsomely to have plastic surgery and voice coaching to look like Rafe. *insert joke here* He also likes the word ‘dude’ quite a bit and sometimes he sports a Texan accent. Oh. And he’s hotter in bed than ole Rafey-boy. Ouch.

Bricole wanted me to dish on “What happened to the ESP that Safe stole from Bope? And if Safe are so connected, why was Sami sleeping with the imposter while the real Rafe was trying to send her messages with his mind?”

Father John answered it better than I would have…”The problem was that he was trying to use his mind. I’m assuming that when Rafe tries to complete a thought, he sees a dancing cartoon cow, playing a fiddle, like in the old cartoons.”

*grin* See accompanying photo!

Like all of you, I don’t understand why Safe is supposed to be the next Jarlena, or Bope. They’re neither. Why not write them as they were in the Safe house, when I gave a crap about them? Suddenly they have a connection that we never heard of until he was taken prisoner? If they’d shown this off and on for months on end, then I would have embraced it.

“Does Sami realize she has a child name Allie?” – Butterfly52


DOOL1965 says, “Real Rafe will play Stefano’s game and give him information like he wants but it will be false, and Sami will know it’s wrong.”

This is plausible but then what’ll happen is Allie will go missing. Do we need another Sydnapping storyline? Does anyone in Salem even care? Allie’s the kid Sami ignores the most anyway. Why not ship her to Lucas where she’s wanted?