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These are the “Days” of my week from January 31-February 4:

The organ harvesting storyline was wrapped up this week, and we’re now ensconced in a doppelganger storyline. Here are some thoughts on what I saw in Salem during the week. Feel free to leave me a comment after you read.

Simpering victim?

Nu-Taylor arrived in Salem to see Nic Nic. She seems different, but I’ll chalk it up to her being gone for several years! Nicole’s past came rushing back to her and all the pain that went with it when she saw Taylor. This could be a perfect time to bring Brandon back. After watching Taylor’s scenes, I’m curious about what she needs to ‘sort out’. I haven’t taken a shine to her. Not really into the simpering female and all that fake smiling. Not only that, but I can’t see her with EJ. She doesn’t seem his type. Seems I’m not the only one who thinks so. The posters have a thread dedicated to her called, “Is Taylor Annoying?”

God Complex:
Jane, Lee and Ben’s storyline is over, so they’re out. Matt, of SOF’s Matt’s Musings, and I really liked Jane. I’ll miss her. Two things that have been bugging me: Why the hell was the mayor of Salem in the SPD discussing Bo and Hope’s breakout? Why is he even at the jail at all? He’s a mayor, not a lawyer. And how come Hope didn’t realize what was going on before she was told that Lee and Jane were harvesting organs? Bope fans have waited far too long for a Bope reunion and I’m curious about how you feel about it. Please vote in my Are you happy Bope’s back? Poll. I feel for Carly, even though she knew going in that he was the rebound. The break-up scene was touching, though watching Bo snort made me snicker, and I thought that they already broke up! I wouldn’t mind seeing where Carly and Daniel could go. That is, if Danloe is history.

Bo was in rare form at SPD. He got right into Lee’s space. It was sort of sexy the way he pushed his weight around. He made some good points. Though Ben wasn’t aware the organs were not donated intentionally, he obviously did not care either way. As long as they were healthy, and he got paid for them, he didn’t ask too many questions. I wonder if deep down, Ben knew the truth. All three of them need to be put in jail and Ben should never get his license back. Dude has a God Complex!