Jason Cook (NBC)

Sources tell Soaps.com the scoop about why Jason Cook really left Days of Our Lives.

Jason Cook has portrayed Shawn Brady since 1999. We’ve seen him go through more than his fair share of interesting soap opera storylines, and now he is departing Days, to pursue his dream of directing. He admitted that the writing from the show’s previous writer James E. Reilly took a part in his decision to move on. He is quoted as saying, “There have been a lot of changes that have really made working here difficult, especially dealing with a writer who was wrecking Salem for a year and trying to fend that off. From day one, though, the thing that always stayed true is the cast and crew, which have been amazing. I do regret having to heave them, but I don’t’ regret my decision. I know it’s the right decision.” Jason goes on to share his thoughts about the new writer change and how he didn’t consider staying when this change was announced. “I already had taken too many steps forward. It’s always tough to walk away; I’ve been doing this character for seven years and it’s a part of me.” Jason wishes Brandon Beemer well with the role.