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These are the “Days” of my week from January 24-28:

I don’t have a real handle on how I feel about the week in general. Our whole blue, grey and purple colour theme was thrown off a little by Melanie who wore red… so let’s just get down to business. I’ve quoted several of you once again.

Bo + Truth Serum = hilarious!
Bo’s been more interesting this past week than the entire year. I didn’t know whether to root for him or Jane, who both were in rare form. Fantastic chemistry. I say get him hooked on truth serum. Matt says, “He should be beaten more often.” Either way, the scenes were great, Matt of Matt’s Musings and I loved them.

Give me more Adrienne and Justin. Happy hour will never be the same. Though the scene was random, so much so that Matt forgot they were on the show, it was fantastic!

Give Vivian more to do.
A poster, “little bear,” left a message under one of my recaps pointing out. “Vivian needs a real purpose on the show other than revenge.” I agree. I love Vivi but revenge alone doesn’t promote longevity in a character. The revenge can only hold them for a short time. It becomes stale and fans turn away from the character.

Where do they live?
Nobody seems quite clear on where sixteen year old Gaby lives. The last I heard, it was above the pub. She’s in a strange city without supervision, and her brother, Commissioner Hernandez, is bent on finding a crumb of evidence to put away the DiMera family, letting his sister’s murderer go free. Black is white. Up is down.

We don’t know where Jennifer lives either, but I’m thinking with Doug and Julie, at Gran’s, but then why would Jenn and Nathan need to catch up at the pub if they lived together? Also, this week, Hope told Nathan she didn’t need to break into his place. She just used the spare key Gran used to keep outside, but when Gran died, Corday said that would be the last we ever saw of the Horton set. Then again, Corday says a lot of things… Uh…and where does Chad live? At home, while his father is in …where was it, Boston? Chicago? Isn’t it an issue when fans can’t even keep track of where people live? When there is an entire thread dedicated to fans wondering where the heck these characters live, the show should make it clear. There should be a boarding house.