I like Bo high! (Soaps.com)

These are the “Days” of my week for January 17-21:

There are a lot of disgruntled fans of the show who were promised certain storylines from Dena Higley and Ken Corday, who didn’t follow through, or who are upset to see three actors leave the show. We’re focusing on what the fans are talking about the most this week. I’m sharing what they’re saying. Brace yourself. It’s not pretty!

Floating Aimlessly.
It looks like I’m not the only one wondering not only why the powers that be bother having beloved actors return only to either change their characters for the worse or to set them on the back burner. I love Jennifer, but I can’t deny that if I had my druthers I’d have preferred she didn’t return, rather than have the writers break the couple up. It’s bad enough they keep ruining the on-screen characters but now the off-screen ones too? Do they have something against Matthew Ashford?!

“Stefanie DiMera” says, “Jennifer is just sort of aimlessly floating around in space much like other former big name characters, such as Justin, Adrienne, Kayla, etc. They show up for a bit, then just go away.” “Rm12” chimes in with a similar response. “I absolutely agree with anyone disappointed in Jennifer’s return. The writers made us love Jack and Jennifer as a couple, made us and Jennifer suffer through Jack’s alleged death numerous times, and how he was the love of Jennifer’s life and she could never love anyone else, and then they come up with this lame “Jack’s on a walkabout” storyline. We’re supposed to believe that he turned his back on Jennifer and the two children he adored so he could ‘find himself’. It’s insulting to everyone who ever followed the Jack and Jennifer love story.”

Fans speak out about the upcoming losses.
This week has been a difficult one in the world of soaps. We’ve seen too many actors either being fired or leave their soaps. While I’ve never been a big fan of Steph or Nathan, I’ll really miss Philly and his troll doll hair that tells a story of its own. He’s a vet for goodness sake! Since we’re losing Nathan, Stephanie and Philly, will they have to de-SORAS Melanie or age her?

“Days Dreamer” is sorry and sad that Jay Kenneth Johnson is leaving, even if it’s his decision. “I like JKJ and Phillip. Once he married Mel, his part was not a substantive as it was in the past. I wish they had given him a better part.” I agree. While I won’t put words in the actors’ mouths as to why they left, actors don’t leave if they’re happy. I’ll miss Philip (Jay) a lot. “ttaylor” seems to agree. “I think Days needs to do whatever it takes to try and convince Phillip to stay! I love Phillip!”