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These are the “Days” of my week from January 10-14:

I have some advice for the Salemites this week. Do you?

The “prodigal” son returns.
Chad was off on holiday at some undisclosed location but he’s back now, sporting lovely locks. The first thing he did was to rush to the DiMera manse to once again tell Stefano to stay out of his life. Kate warned him that what Stefano wants, Stefano usually gets and something tells me Chad will soon be ensconced in the DiMera mansion. Advice? Stay away from EJ!

That’ll be the day I beg a man not to leave me!
Stephanie made her own bed and now has to lie in it. It was very dramatic, very soapy and riveting when Nathan filled Stephanie in on learning the truth. She was devastated and bawled, but still managed to look gorgeous. I felt for her; however, there’s a line that must not be crossed when it comes to love and loss. It’s called dignity. Begging and hanging off a man’s leg and claiming it’s not over? My advice: Learn from this and move on, honey!

“You’re a dead man.”
I understand why Nathan is upset with Philip, but he crossed the line going into Philip’s home to browbeat him regarding his problems with his wife which are none of his bloody business. If that wasn’t bad enough, he brought up Pocket – which he knows nothing about, and then threatened to kill Philip. Talk about bringing disgrace on the Horton family name. I was a little glad Philly popped him one, just for the sheer gall, and smirked when Philly asked if he dumped his fiancée because of him! I think there’s something to that.

Oh no. Not another baby storyline. Ugh.
Melanie’s knocked up, in love with two men, and was just pushed down by mean ole Stephanie. I appreciate my life so much right now! I think it would be possible for Mel to forgive Philly and get past his infidelity, considering she was unfaithful with that kiss and in her heart, but there’s that pesky loving two men bit that gets in the way. And I thought the challenge would be Parker, being that he’s a reminder of the one-nighter. I hope there’s another twist and Parker really is Daniel’s son. That could change everything. Advice? You’ve lots of soul searching to do!