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Happy New Year!

These are the “Days” of my week from January 3-7:

Days of our Lives was brought to you this week by the colour purple, mingled with plum, blue, and a little grey thrown in for good measure. Amongst the purple clad Salemites, we saw fist fights, a lot of consoling, characters declaring they’re down but not out, and a couple who can’t take responsibility for their own actions. Let’s discuss.

“Yay Cojones!”
I didn’t know Nathan had it in him to bust that door down on Stephanie Friday! I can’t wait to see the knock down drag out and hope he screams bloody murder at her for her betrayal. I wonder how she’ll take it and hope this means some growth for our desperate Salemite. After Friday’s episode, I was so excited, thinking maybe they’d start getting into more character development for these two, but Mark Hapka was let go, just like Felicia Terrell and Lindsay Hartley before him. It’s become a trend to ditch the actor when the writing is the real problem. At any rate, click the link and read what Hapka has to say about his departure.

Ugh does it have to be over?
Seeing Kate and Stefano at the hospital broke my heart once again. I really hope this is a temporary break-up and that they’ll find their way back to one another soon. They were a lot of fun together, which always seems to spell doom on DOOL.

“To err is human; to forgive divine.” – Alexander Pope
Philip told Chloe just how deluded she is to think Daniel will come back to her but is it really impossible to think he could eventually forgive her? Vote now! Salemites have forgiven each other for far worse! I feel for Chloe, even though this is her doing. She’s not very self-sufficient and I can’t see her raising Parker on her own. She needs help and no, I don’t mean Philly or Kate. And besides, oddly, I think I sort of want Danloe together, despite the lies and cheating. What’s that about?! I also wonder if there’s yet another twist that will show that Daniel really is the daddy. We’ll see. Note to Kate: Lose the Technicolour Dreamcoat, the blue hobo gloves and the blue nail polish. The blue highlights are enough. Too ‘matchy-matchy’.