Since vanishing from the plot lines of Salem, some people have wondered what’s happened to infamous patriarch Victor Kiriakis. Is he plotting something? Is he on vacation? Is he redecorating the nursery for the rare occasions when Claire comes to visit him? Or maybe he’s just been taking a break since Stefano came back to town and figured that his old rival could wreak enough havoc for the townspeople all by himself. I actually don’t know. But I can tell you what the man who has been portraying him has been up to.

John Aniston has been busy at work and has recently completed two feature films which should be making their ways to theaters this year. That should come as no surprise to fans of the hard working actor who has been making his mark on films and television for decades. He joined the cast of Days of Our Lives as Victor Kiriakis, crime boss and Machiavellian business man, in 1985, playing the role for over twenty years. Before that, he also appeared on other soaps like Love of Life and Search for Tomorrow but has appeared on more than a dozen other shows, from Kojak to sitcoms.