Hope the psycho-mugger. (Soaps.com)

A look back at Salem in 2010.

Life in Salem included loads of blackmail, love, and hate within the past year. We also said goodbye to a few characters, including Arianna Hernandez, Mickey Horton, and the beloved Alice Horton. We saw one of Daytime’s most popular power couples, Bo and Hope, break up (again), and we saw Sami almost marry EJ (again). The main ingredient in the storylines of 2010? Scandal, of course!

Goodbye dear Alice Horton:
Frances Reid’s passing this past year was written into the storyline so that Salem said goodbye to the Matriarch of DOOL, Alice Horton. Her funeral on the show brought old characters back to Salem, including Bill Horton, Laura Horton, Jennifer Devereaux (or soon to be Horton again?), and Lucas Horton. Many Alice Horton flashbacks were shown during her tribute and I think DOOL did a good job with this. It’s safe to say that this woman everyone loved will surely be missed.

The return of crazy Vivian Alamain:
One of Days’ most memorable and colorful characters, Vivian Alamain, made her return to Salem this past year. Of course she came to seek revenge on Carly Manning for killing Lawrence. As she tried to warm up to her stolen son, Philip, and his bride-to-be, Melanie, she found out that Melanie was Carly’s long lost daughter. After her plans to poison Melanie on her wedding day failed, Carly ended up accidentally shooting her own daughter! No thanks to Vivian, Carly and Melanie bonded and Vivian moved on to her next victims: her beloved Victor and Philip. I think bringing Vivian back to Days brought some nostalgia and excitement for longtime fans. Of course, Vivian’s return would have been better complete, with her trusty sidekick, Ivan. Here’s hoping he returns in 2011!

I’ve been buried alive!
Days writers seem to take a liking to having their characters buried alive. After Mickey Horton passed away (which came as a bit of a shock to fans, since Mickey hasn’t really been on the show in years), Victor Kiriakis showed interest in Maggie. Vivian didn’t like her husband’s lingering eyes, so she plotted to have Maggie buried alive in a state of the art sarcophagus, complete with a video camera system. Her plan backfired and Brady put Vivian in the coffin herself but the resourceful Vivian ended up putting Maggie in the sarcophagus. Thankfully, the claustrophobic storyline didn’t last. Now that Vivian is free, she’s plotting revenge on her buriers: Brady, Victor, Kate, Philip, and Nicole.

No hope for BOPE?
The pro-feminist type of storyline of the serial muggings left fans thinking that perhaps Princess Gina had manifested herself in Hope again when she started mugging powerful men. This storyline was just plain odd, forced, and seemed to drag on. Add to that, the Celtic feminist symbol and music was overdone! It was later revealed that Hope’s bi-polar-ish personality was simply a side-effect of the sleeping pills she took. Fans were always able to tell the difference between crazy and sane Hope, simply by her hairstyle. We also saw Justin Kiriakis try his luck with Hope, but fail. Carly Manning’s return combined with psycho-Hope landing in jail gave way to the demise of one of DOOL’s greatest power couples, Hope and Bo. Recently BOPE fans are able to see a glimmer of hope (pun intended), now that Bo has defied authority and sprung her out of jail! Here’s hoping that they reunite in 2011. That seems like the inevitable ending anyway!