I love these two! (Soaps.com)

These are the “DAYS” of my week from December 20-24:

Last thoughts of the year so let’s just get right to it so I can get on with my Christmas celebrations. Delicious eggnog awaits me and hopefully you’ll read this with one in hand, too! You might need one…

Writers aren’t in touch with what viewers want.
There are more emotions in the human existence other than angst and sorrow or hatred and rage. I’ve seen Mrs. Hernandez and EJ DiMera experience them in the past. I’d like to see them experience them in the future. Johnny’s storyline, while I’m sure people find compelling, I don’t. It comes too quickly in the aftermath of a thousand and one storylines of babies being kidnapped or becoming sick and dying and it’s difficult to have any feelings toward yet another one. “Yadda yadda yadda, and the kid survived,” is how I describe every one of these storylines. The twins are still doing a great job acting as Johnny but does EJ have two personalities? One minute he feels for Mrs. Hernandez enough to let her near Johnny and the next moment he’s out for her blood. Somebody should just call child protective services and take the kids away from both of these twits.

One positive. I loved seeing Y&R’s Ji Min as Dr. Kim, since I’ve missed him so much over on the CBS soap.

EJole? Bricole? EJaylor?
The more I see EJ and Nicole together, the more I can see she’s the only woman he has been with who can get him to relax and open up without screeching at the top of her lungs or shooting him in the noggin. I think EJole could work well together once again if it’s in the cards but I don’t think it is. Yes, even though he asks for her hand in marriage. Not only that, before he’s with anybody in the romantic sense, he needs to get rid of his vengeance and all thoughts of Mrs. Hernandez. EJole could still be companions, especially if he winds up falling for Nicole’s sister Taylor… Vote on who you think EJ is suited for! The thing is, last time we saw Taylor, she was a good and decent human being and… well… EJ’s a DiMera! So does this mean Bricole will stay together? I keep hearing Nicole profess her love for him but I don’t see him return the sentiment. Still, he did seem jealous when watching Nicole rub EJ’s back at the hospital!

Did Bo and Carly break up or did he just leave her for a while in order to help Hope? It looked like a dumping but the words were never spoken. Carly’s gut wrenching sobs broke my heart. No crocodile tears there. I feel for her and am glad Crystal finally got something to chew on, script-wise. Carly’s grace was inspiring, and understandable after she realized that neither she nor Bo were meant to be. Keeping secrets from your partner is telling. She and Daniel could end up together and do well, considering they’re so much alike.