Another year and another season of The Biggest Loser, hosted once again by Alison Sweeney (Samantha DiMera, Days of Our Lives). The new season started January 1 on NBC and you can watch another brilliant season from 8-10 PM, Tuesdays.

If you can’t watch the show for whatever reason, don’t worry! You can catch up on the weekly recaps here here. Recaps are well written, fun and you can catch them after the show airs.

This season, our trainers, Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels will be on hand once again to slough off pounds on couples but here’s the twist. This time, teams of two will be competing against each other rather than individuals. Nine of ten teams have some sort of special bond – mother and son, husband and wife, divorced couple, best friends, brothers and former football teammates… but one team will be made up of two complete strangers who don’t meet until they are surprised with the news they’re being paired together! This means they’d better be able to get along and give the support each other will need in order to attempt to win that $250,000 grand prize. The close couples will have the advantage of knowing each other’s strengths and weaknesses. This will be especially interesting to watch this season unfold.

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Here are the new teams!

Brittany Aberle (Hair stylist), 22, San Jacinto, California and Bernardo Salazar (Teacher/Dancer for Chicago Bulls), 27, Chicago, Illinois – and they are strangers!! Here’s our twist!

Curtis Bray (Graphic designer), 35, Los Angeles, and Mallory Bray (Business owner), 36, Los Angeles – Husband and Wife

Bette Sue Burkland (Hair stylist), 53, Mesa, Arizona and Alison Vincent (Hair stylist), 32, Mesa, Arizona – Mother and Daughter

Jackie Evans (CEO of non-profit organization), 49, Frankfort, Illinois and Dan Evans (Camp counselor/musician), 21, Frankfort, Illinois – Mother and Son.

Kelly Fields (Nurse), 38, Titusville, Florida and Paul Marks (Missile Support/Space Center), 43, Rockledge, Florida – Ex-Wife and Ex-Husband. That’s interesting in itself.

Neill Harmer (Web developer), 28, Bethany, Oklahoma and Amanda Harmer (teacher), 29, Bethany, Oklahoma – Husband and Wife

Maggie King (Camp counselor at a weight loss camp), 23, Denville, New Jersey and Jennifer Widder (Assistant director at a weight loss camp), 22, River Edge, NJ – Best Friends!

Mark Kruger (Aerial device sales representative), 35, Dartmouth, Massachusetts and Jay Kruger (Aerial device account manager), 31, Bedford, Massachusetts – Brothers

Roger Shultz (Associate athletic director), 40, Enterprise, Alabama and Trent Patterson (School safety and security coordinator), 39, Endicott, New York – Former Football Teammates already know how to support one another in a team atmosphere!

Lynn Westphal (Interior Decorator), 60, Elyria, Ohio and Jenni Westphal (Nanny), 31, North Ridgeville, Ohio –Father and Daughter

Cheers to Alison Sweeney to hosting the second season and working fulltime on Days of Our Lives!