Ghoul Girl! (

These are the “Days” of my week from December 13-17:

All around it was a pretty decent week in Salem except for a few minor complaints. I love flashbacks from yesteryear on soaps and DOOL didn’t disappoint with their flash of the Last Blast dance where Chloe shows she’s not such a Ghoul Girl after all to Philly – was awesome. That made me smile and reminded me why I have always loved the show. More please!

Out of the mouths of babes.
Could the little portrayers of Johnny DiMera be the best little actors of their age group I’ve perhaps ever seen? I’m completely adoring the little scene stealers and howled with delight at his temper when poor EJ tried to get him in a better mood by reminding him Father Christmas was coming to town soon. Johnny’s arms crossed over his chest and his defiant, “It’s Santa, stupid,” was shocking. Though my first response was to laugh, I did feel for EJ who I thought was realizing the harm he’s inflicting on his child and figure he didn’t berate Johnny for the impudence. Johnny’s his mummy’s son!!

Ancient history.
On the other hand I felt rotten for poor Abe and Lexi who wrongly assumed that cute little Theo comprehended the book he was reading. I was proud of him for reading at all. It was great to see this family once again though I wasn’t happy with Sami’s reminder to the couple of their ancient infidelity history. I think because of Johnny’s illness Lexi decided to either wait to blast her for working on Abe’s insecurities which was very kind of her. Sami deserves a dressing down for that one. I hope this isn’t foreshadowing another adulterous storyline.

No surprises here.
Out of nowhere, Rafe got a job at SPD. This was a long time coming. My first reaction is to think finally they’ll have somebody on the force with some sense who will do some actual work there and be able to pay for this new loft, and then I saw his run-in with EJ regarding the white pupil in the photograph. Instead of simply knocking on EJ’s door and handing him the photo and explaining exactly why he’s there, Rafe had to infuriate EJ – and I, and order him to look at the photo. Obviously, EJ was going to react that way. I would be annoyed too, considering the relationship between these two! This is so “Bo Brady” of him. Is it safe to say he’s now one of the Keystone Cops already? When I complained to Matt Of Matt’s SOF DOOL Musings, about this, Matt remarked, “He’s practicing for the Salem PD.” I hope this was a fluke and that this isn’t a taste of his interrogation skills to come. Really, he doesn’t deserve to be a cop considering he’s harbouring a fugitive and is an accessory to Sami’s crime. What gets me is that Abe, Roman and Bo know about it, too. The whole police force is corrupt and it doesn’t feel very “Brady” like.