The Break-up. (

These are the “Days” of my week from December 6-10:

The writing picked up this week, possibly in honour of my birthday. Or not. We made headway with the prison storyline, there was a lot of laughter, a few tears, physical fighting, bartering with God and a semi-incestuous kiss. Let’s get more in depth with all of this soapy goodness.

Cool Hand Hope.
It was as though my hopes for this storyline to get a move on came to being right after I completed my blog last Friday. Hope knocked out poor starving Keisha – with appropriate apologies, made a run for it, got caught, and got a beating from an inmate she put in there, Cassandra. Whew! Very believable and very scary. Even Lee was frightened for Hope’s safety. Thankfully, Hope has some hidden code in the letter she wrote to Bo. We learned that Dr. Ben Walters was in on this organ trade, but it’s not clear in what capacity. To me at least! Because the powers that be want to put him together with sweet Jennifer, I want to assume that he isn’t fully aware of exactly what’s going on in the prison. If he is in on everything, I don’t want Jennifer hurt in the crossfire. Hell, I just want Jennifer with Jack but if that’s not to be, Ben seems – or seemed like a decent guy.

Eating crow.
I no longer question whether or not Brady’s edgy since he expressed that it’s not so bad to be like his grandfather. I just don’t get what that means. All Victor and Brady did this week was drink Victor’s stash of alcohol and discuss ridiculous plans. Meanwhile, Vivian’s got a diagram, tables, charts and knows all of their Achilles heels. The men folk need to step things up a little if they’re going to pull one over on Auntie Vivi. I loved the twist of Vivian telling Stefano about Kate’s part in the sarcophastory and Stefano’s reaction was perfect. He thought it was a good call on Kate’s part to keep Vivian in there, which made me hope that he’d reconsider his and Kate’s break up. I can only hope her move to the Kiriakis mansion will mean Stefano can’t forget her. I have to admit that though I felt really bad for poor Kate, she was so compelling when forced to apologize to Danloe for the cruelty she inflicted upon them. I thought it was a nice tie in with an old storyline and all around had me laughing while feeling for her.

Did you love Kate’s amazing advice to EJ? Probably the best scenes of the week!