Give her the ole 'One Two'! (

These are the “Days” of my week from November 29-December 3:

This week we saw a morsel of each storyline, which I appreciated, but I do have some issues and don’t mind sharing those along with the highlights.

Kate you’ve some ‘splaining to do!
I’m in mourning. Stefano and Kate are the only couple in Salem I was invested in. I hope this isn’t the end. I can envision so many more great storylines with these two who obviously love each other. Stefano knew who Kate was when he married her, so I think they could overcome this spot of bother and become more like Lucy and Ricky Ricardo.

I would have much preferred to see a flashback to Curtis taking Kate’s kids from her just before she called Sami, rather than be reminded of this well after the fact. I’d forgotten about it so didn’t consider it part of the reason why she warned Sami. Her reasoning would have resonated more.

The bickering between Elvis and Kate was a treat. It’s been too long since we’ve seen their chemistry and it was exciting to see Kate threaten him. It’s been a while since she has been… well…Kate!

Stefano seemed quite proud to have another son but Chadsworth is skeptical, as he should be. Though I’d like to see him move into the manse because it could potentially provide some interesting storylines, I like that at the moment, he’s pushing his new family away.

Loma virus wound up.
Happily, the random Loma virus storyline is finito. At first, it was ridiculous. The actors looked too good (with the exception of the chipped purple nailpolish on Mel’s fingernails) and they were too lucid, considering their temperatures were between 103 and 104. Then – suddenly – further on in the week, there was a drastic change and these two looked dreadful. It was too much of a jump and took me out of the story. Melanie and Carly’s relationship is back on track which was surprisingly poignant but I had no interest in Mel and Nate professing their love for each other. I’m glad they decided to go back to their respective couples, since they’ve more chemistry with them than each other.

Dr. Ben Walters was a lot of fun this week. I enjoyed his unexpected arrogance but didn’t like how predictable it is that he’s getting under Jennifer’s skin. I do question his reaction to Daniel and Carly going into quarantine. Why yell at a fellow doctor’s wife about it? Shouldn’t he have broken it gently to her considering he didn’t know that Chloe was aware of Daniel’s plans?