Cynthia (Veronica Lauren)

From my spoilers, I notified readers, “On Tuesday, December 11th old high school friends unite at the Salem High School Reunion where “Belle,” “Shawn,” “Philip” and “Chloe” rekindle old memories with old classmates such as “Penny” (Alison McMillan), “Susan” (Jennifer Gee), “Kevin” (Robert Benvenisti), “Cynthia” (Veronica Lauren), and “Jason” (Aaron Van Wagner).”

The guest list for Tuesday December 11 2007 for the 10 year Salem High high school reunion included a few faces from the past that I did remember, a few faces I didn’t – only because I was in school when it was taking place and didn’t have time to watch! Some faces are friendly, some not so friendly but fun to watch, nevertheless! Care to take a glimpse down memory lane with me?

Other than Belle, Shawn, Philip and Chloe, we remember six other past characters from the high school days. Shame Mimi (Farah Fath) couldn’t be there but it we did get to see old faces such as…

Cynthia (Veronica Lauren) was notable for her nasty streak, lying and general sleezy nature! Good times! We last saw her scheming in 2002. Recently, Veronica was seen as ‘Celeste Church’ in an episode of Cold Case in 2007 and as ‘Female Patron’ in “Take” in 2007.

Class clown and another cruel classmate, Jason Welles (Aaron Van Wagner) met with Shawn and Kevin at the reunion where he made a jerk of himself, poking fun at Kevin’s (Robert Benvenisti) old glasses and now his lack of glasses – not so funny but he thought so. He then went on to amuse himself by taunting Chloe. I believe it was he who coined the term, “Ghoul Girl” for poor, once friendless Chloe Lane -Wesley. When he found Chloe at the reunion he maliciously said, “I thought you’d be coming as Ghoul Girl?” Aaron must be busy with non-acting projects because he has only been in a video – “Dark Wolf”, as ‘Tom’, in 2003 and in the same year he played an actor in a short movie called “Pool Dreams”.

Kevin Lambert (Robert Benvenisti), was kind of a pawn for nutty Jan Spears (Heather Lauren Olson and then Heather Lindell – both great ‘Jan’s’) when he helped her to play a trick on Chloe. The poor fool didn’t realize until it was too late that Jan’s schemes were not as harmless as he would have hoped. Kevin was one of the classmates who used to date Mimi Lockhart (Brady) (Farah Fath) until he left town to attend university. Now Kevin works in travel and at the reunion, he kindly offered Shawn and Belle a deal on a honeymoon! Robert was the second actor to play the brainy Kevin Lambert but he doesn’t appear to have worked as an actor since – or at least not that I can find. In my search I came across this delicious photo on a site that I try to stay away from during work hours… it is safe for work but difficult not to peruse for hours at a time. Shirtless Robert. Feel free to thank me in the comments section!