by Marchesca at Neiman Marcus (Courtesy

I get excited when I see those wardrobe questions in my inbox and even more so when my pal over at Days is able to give us answers to those pressing questions, so keep those wardrobe questions coming! Are you ready to go shopping?!

Susan W asked, “Friday, October 5 is the day Kayla Brady had on a brown embroidered, long sleeved sweater that I would LOVE to have. Can you tell me where it came from or the brand? Thank you!”

I waited a while on this one and unfortunately, love, they’ve no idea where it comes from. I’m wondering if it’s her own and possibly that’s why they’re so unsure? Not sure. Sorry about that.

Helen S writes, “I need information regarding Belle’s wedding gown. I am getting remarried and her “gown” just might work for me. I’m sure lots of people will be inquiring.”

I knew this gown would be a hit! It was lovely and I’m happy to have been able to get this information to you for your special day! Congrats!! It’s by Marchesca and you can find it at Neiman Marcus! Much success to you and your future!

Shannon A wonders, “I was hoping you could tell me who makes the black dress Belle wore when she and Shawn announced they were getting married on Thanksgiving.