A website, I Will Africa, reported recently about James Scott (EJ Wells, Days of Our Lives) being an advocate for Malaria No More after suffering a dreadful bout with malaria while vacationing in Madagascar. Since the illness, he was luckily given a treatment and recovered.

Thankfully, he was back to work in no time, but others aren’t so lucky and he relays how just one mosquito bite while a child is sleeping can lead to imminent death. He has been talking about his experience and the devastation he has seen, in the hopes of getting the word out regarding the important use of insecticide treated bed nets that will assist in bringing an end to this horrible disease straight away.

James recorded an informative public announcement that you can view here.

If you’re looking to donate something to charity, especially during the holidays, Soaps.com urges you to donate a bed net and help eliminate malaria for good. One net is only $10, which is the price of lunch at… Subway! If James Scott can use his celebrity for good, then we can all help him to stop malaria for just $10!