Lowd Suga' Designs

She may not be playing Nicole Walker Kiriakis on Days of Our Lives anymore, but that doesn’t mean Arianne Zucker hasn’t kept her creative fires burning. Teaming up with friend and fellow actress Heidi Mages, the two women created a “funky yet feminine” jewelry line called Lowd Suga’.

I recently met up with Arianne and Heidi at the L.A. eatery, Newsroom Café where I enjoyed a lovely lunch with two very cool, down-to-earth ladies.

Designed to wear at high class events or just to the movies, Lowd Suga’ jewelry is hand-crafted using stones such as mother-of-pearl, quartz, citrine, jade, and antique beads. Their men’s line features pieces made from leather and hemp and the entire collection falls in the price range of $18 – $100.

Making their unique necklaces, bracelets and earrings affordable for the every-person was something the designers had in mind when creating their line. “Who doesn’t like high-end pieces, but who can afford a $2,000 dollar piece of jewelry? The majority of the world is not wealthy. It’s an important thing for us,” Arianne explained.

Meeting through a mutual friend, Zucker and Mages quickly became friends themselves and eventually collaborators. Heidi, who had already been making jewelry and giving her pieces to friends, never thought she’d be a jewelry designer, but when she received high praise for her designs, thought, “Wow! Maybe I’m good at it.”

The women started discussing design and opening their own business and when Arianne put her married name (Lowder) and maiden name (Zucker being the German word for sugar) together, their company name, Lowd Suga’ was born. Once that piece of business was finished, the women took some design classes and started searching for their materials of choice at antique stores, online and in shops in Santa Monica and Venice Beach.

Their differing tastes and styles is what makes Lowd Suga’ such a diverse collection. Offering a wide range of designs, Arianne enjoys making “the harder, rougher, leather sort of jewelry,” while Heidi likes the more delicate designs and the “intricacy of putting pieces together.” Arianne explained her take on design by sharing, “My favorite thing is, how can I do a clasp that is different from anybody else? Mine are more off the wall designs.” She then cleared her throat and in her best pretentious voice jokingly proclaimed, “Kind of Picasso-y.”