He lost his only friend. (Soaps.com)

These are the “Days” of my week from October 25-29:

Halloween week in Salem.
All we saw was two pumpkins after an off screen visit to the Pumpkin Patch. I longed for a costume party thrown, trick-or-treating or a good adventurous storyline thrown in with a spooky twist. I was hoping to capture some neat screen shots for you to peruse. Instead I posted the other soap opera’s Halloween photos and made up my own DOOL ones. Scaroline was in the spirit this week. She nearly scared the pants off of me. I’d forgotten she can be a formidable woman when pushed. It can’t help that she’s hiding the secret that she has done something illegal. See the spoilers for what that is.

I didn’t mind that Scaroline let Kinsey take Sami’s kid to the Pumpkin Patch. Kinsey works at the pub and knows Sami’s kids as much as Sami does. She’s also smart enough to know Sami never won Mother Of The Year and that Nicole seems to care more for Syd. After all, Sami was too busy rummaging through a dead woman’s things for something so unimportant like taking the kids to the Pumpkin Patch. I think a relationship between Kinsey and Nicole could make for a lot of new scheming. I hope this kicks up Sami’s old schemes in the process.

Crime of sorts…
Kayla’s not the only person in town with a secret. Soaps.com interviewed Peggy McKay and other DOOL stars recently and Peggy previewed that Caroline “committed a crime of sorts.” Many think she’s Ari’s hit and run driver but things aren’t always as they seem. Watch Monday…

Kick it up a notch.
I’d like to see the ‘Chad’s a DiMera’ storyline jumpstarted. We witnessed yet another useless scene between Chad, Stefano and Kate. Is this their way of moving things along? Hopefully Kate sending that birth certificate to Chad will get this mother going.

Ben and Jenn? Bennifer?
I really like Dr. Ben. I think he’s sticking around Salem and I hear he could be a love interest for Jennifer. I’m a big Jack ‘n’ Jenn fan and I’m dismayed that Corday would break up a popular couple who haven’t even been on screen for a few years. Twist the knife deeper.

Salem’s no melting pot.
I wasn’t surprised to learn Arianna was Catholic. It’s almost mandatory for Salemites to be Catholic as if there is no other religion in the world. Have you noticed that? I’ve always thought too that it’s rather white. I’d love to see more diversity even though this is a one horse town.

Will… you… marry… me?
Nathan took the award for the slowest proposal in the history of proposals. Stephanie was so excited to be his betrothed that she fluttered her hands around her face, gasped, covered her mouth but said nothing. You know she’ll say yes and you also know these two are doomed.