Hope (Kristian Alfonso) wears her own line and personal items on Days.

As you’re all aware, the wardrobe team on Days is one of the best. The outfits, jewlery, handbags and shoes are usually to die for! I’ve been bombarded with emails about all the lovely items that you’ve seen on the show lately and because I just got back from the Soap Cruise, I have taken a little longer to get back to you regarding your most recent questions. Here goes!

Judy W asks, “Can anyone tell me where I can find the long, white sweater that Hope wore on the Nov. 26th or Nov. 27th show? It was just beautiful and I would like to buy it for my mother for Christmas.”

Judy, you’re in luck… Now keep in mind that this show that aired on November 23 and November 24th (She wore black in the episodes you refer to so I assume you are asking about the photo inset!) and the item was purchased well before this. It actually comes in two parts – the undershirt was from BCBG, where if you’ve been reading my columns faithfully, you’ll note that they purchase several pieces from that store that I bow to! The sweater top was bought from Central Park West. In the past I’ve given out web addresses to these stores but I’m trying to get away from that as mostly, the pieces are not found in the online catalogues.
Good luck in your search. Even if you don’t find it, I’m sure your mom will appreciate the lengths you went to get it! Happy Christmas!

Kat K writes, “I am trying to track down the long white sweater with the empire waist that Kristian Alfonso’s character of Hope wore recently on ‘Days’. Could you please provide me with the designer or where I can purchase it? Thanks! Kat”

See above answer!! I think you two may want to go shopping together! You both have good taste!

Vicki G asks, “The maternity dresses that Sami wore (especially the one with the elephant pin (or likeness of an elephant) on the shoulder. Where can I get one for my daughter? Thanks. Vicki”