Kayla's a snoop? (Soaps.com)

These are the “Days” of my week from October 18-22:

Let’s get right to it this week. A lot happened!

Mother theme:
Poor Ciara was able to visit mummie in jail and she seemed to take it pretty well, but this stress and heartache from being away from Hope can only get worse.

Sami, on the other hand, redefined her useless parental role this week when she allowed her son Will and Caroline to bring up her kids for her. At this point I wonder if EJ should have custody. Then again…

There seems to be some foreshadowing going on in Nic Nic’s life. I still wonder if Nicole and EJ’s child is alive and sold by Baker and a few weeks ago she found that ultrasound photo in EJ’s room. Now she’s pushing marriage and kidlets with Brady and I don’t even think he’s really into her other than the shagging. I like that Brady’s not into children, making him probably the only Salemite who prefers to be childless. Well done, but what’s going on with Nicole?

Force the writing if it doesn’t come?
Talk about forcing the story. The way Stefano treated Chad in the hospital would never be an issue between Stefano and EJ. Chad is nothing to either of them. Let’s remember that EJ and Stefano care about number one and then their family, in that order. The owner of any huge company wouldn’t even know an intern’s name nor would he encourage Kate to talk Chad into taking the intern position considering he likes to keep business private.

Interesting twist having Victor keep poor Auntie Vivi in the sarcophagus. I loved how she was forced to tell him that she had the inside painted with toxic paint for his love, Maggie. Doh! I’m ready for Vivi to get out of there. It disgusts me that she’d have er soiled herself over and over by now.

Boring apparition.
The month of Halloween and Isabella came to Salem in the form of a ghost which should have been an emotional reunion between mother and son and should have left fans feeling grateful for her presence and hopeful that Brady would listen to the wisdom she imparted him with. The scene didn’t work. There really were no wise words and I don’t want Brady back to that guy everyone walked all over. I’m not a fan of stunt casting. I didn’t even recognize her it’s been so long. I can swallow a lot of writing but this was difficult. I’d rather have seen the show take weeks for John to return to Salem to find out what his son is up to. Vote in my poll and let me know your thoughts on Izzy’s visit.

I don’t think that Sami ruined Rafe’s life as Ari says. He’s done some stupid things for love, but he does seem happy. Rafe was right to tell Ari that if her teenage crush EJ finds out the truth, it’s not going to end up all neatly tied up. EJ will take revenge. “The brother I knew is gone,” she told Rafe, which was a bit overly dramatic. Sure Rafe has changed some but in order to preserve his happiness he is forced to do things out of his realm of morality. She’s not that moral of a person to be so judgmental. She’s falling for EJ so I thought she would empathize.