It ain't the friggen Mona Lisa. (

These are the “Days” of my week from October 11 – 15:

We saw some comical moments this week as usual, which I thank my lucky stars for, and we had two themes. First, nobody was able to find anybody. Philip and Daniel couldn’t find Melanie until she showed up at the wedding looking rather unkempt, Sami couldn’t find Rafe, who was off quitting the Bureau, Carly couldn’t find Bo, who was with Hope instead of at the wedding. These people all have cell phones and are exceedingly conscientious about turning off the ringer when meandering across town. Why have a cell? Beats me. Must be in the “How To Be A Salemite” Handbook. The second theme started near the end of the week with the mums warning the evil Salem men away from their daughters. Carly to Nathan and Sami to EJ.

You know what I like about Carly? Not only that she can walk through walls, the way she did when she materialized at Chloe’s apartment but when Bo didn’t show up for the shortest and least romantic wedding I’ve ever seen in soap operas, spineless Carly didn’t go out of her head with worry or jealousy, knowing he was obviously (I guess?) held up at Statesville with his ex-love-of-his-life, Hope. Smart to have Melanie angry with Carly, because I suddenly feel for Carly, who I think I might be siding with over my poor dear Melanie who is disillusioned her family isn’t “The Cosby Show.” With all of the terrible things she has done in the past, I found it odd that she was so self-righteous but then again, she’s never been exposed to a family issue of this magnitude. She’ll come to realize that no family or hubby is perfect. Vote on whether or not Melanie’s anger is justified.

I liked Bope for years but sadly, since the writers have chosen to ignore the Bope fans completely and force fans to watch Bore-ly, the Bope ship has sailed for me. Mostly because I can’t stand rebound-Bo (or his fug 1982 wardrobe) anymore. Hope’s perking up a little as is her storyline which is going way too slow for me.

My question: Why are Carly and Bo dressed like it’s 1982 when the other Salemites are wearing the fashions of today? Is the answer to that in the handbook too?