I'm more confused than he is. (Soaps.com)

These are the “Days” of my week from Oct 4-8:

This week’s DOOL has been brought to you by the word “desperate.” So is this column. What a rollercoaster of a week. Emotional but nothing held my interest. They’re going through the motions and there’s nothing compelling to watch. I did like seeing more of a balance between storylines that I hope is kept up. Still, I feel the need to harp… and boy have I loads of harping to do. And I’m not even PMSing! Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

The slammer.
We saw a brief glance of Hope in the clink but still we’re getting nowhere with this. Not to worry since there’s a big storyline coming up I hear.

Victor needs to s l o w down. Mickey’s been in the grave less than a year and though I’d like a Vaggie pairing, I fear he’s pushing it.

Ari. Oy.
It’ll be wonderful to get rid of Arianna. Love Lindsay Hartley but Arianna is getting more and more thick by the day. Anyone who trusts a DiMera has issues.

WTF? He’s not gay?
Gus “You couldn’t tempt me with a high colonic,” was written stereotypically gay since day one, so why on earth was he trying to have a sexual relationship with a woman? This is a humongous problem if viewers confuse somebody’s orientation. Maybe he’s in the closet? I’m confused. So is Matt, of Matt’s Musings. We liked gay Gus and the wonderful dynamic between him and Vivian. Plus, I like the way he says SarcophaGUS. We’ve never seen him kiss Vivian or look at her romantically so now we’re left with a boring straight guy who discusses high colonics? What a letdown. I never know who anyone is in Salem anymore. It reminds me of EJ going from evil to good and back every few months. No wonder the show is losing viewers.

Vivian forgot she created a walkie-talkie? I’m desperate for her to be let out. Now. Please. I’m not even sure how I feel about Nicole and Brady at this point. Is he still using her or isn’t he? Oy. Poor Nic Nic.

Lexi, Abe & Theo.
Why is this family of vets so underused? Instead we get Stephanie and Chloe’s insecurity storylines and the Sami show. To further complain, what’s with all of the casting calls? The cast is too big as it is. Will there even be airtime dedicated to those not used in the Sami Show?