A moment of silence. (Soaps.com)

These are the “Days” of my week for September 27-October 1:

The week still revolved around Sami, EJ and Rafe. I’m worn-out from the angst surrounding this trio which has turned into something really sick that holds no entertainment value. I haven’t been able to cheer Sami on with either man. We did get a few great mausoleum (the new hot spot in Salem) scenes, however, which broke up the monotony, and we learned poor Pookie died of heartbreak and that somebody buried her in the pet cemetery.

EJ’s fake amnesia.
Sami and EJ’s wedding didn’t end up with the two being married. The judge left after Rafe interrupted the service so it’s ridiculous for fans to be expected to believe that EJ would remember something that didn’t happen unless he hallucinated it in his coma! That would have worked for me but this doesn’t. EJ’s not this stupid and neither is Sami, considering she’s the queen of faking amnesia.

Corday and Higley are obviously unaware that they’re writing this soap opera into the ground. Check out his thoughts on how long the soap will be around for in Ken Corday’s interview with Soaps.com. It’s an eye-opener. Plus, there are all sorts of scrumptious spoilers.

Thankfully, the man has enough common sense to know EJ’s lying about his amnesia, but lounging around the hospital smirking and waiting for his fiancée to pretend she’s married to EJ is ludicrous. Shouldn’t he be working? You’d never catch Lucas doing that for a minute. He’d have dragged Sami’s arse out of there pronto. I miss that about Lucas. I’ll give Rafe a gold star this week for finding a home for his intended, and her brood.

Instead of hanging around the hospital worrying about what’s going to happen to the man who convinced her that her child was dead, I’d rather have seen Sami seeking a job and a home for her littler. She’s lucky to have Rafe to find them as Matt of Matt’s DOOL Musings referred to as “an old locker room” (loft) to live in. One may I add that Sami acts like she has never seen when she has been there in the past when it belonged to Isabella or John or Brady or Rex or… I digress. No mother, not even Sami in her right mind would help save the life of a man who lied to her about her child being dead. (At least not for a few more years!!) It makes it difficult to cheer on Sami when she’s written as an imbecile, or a rug to walk all over. That’s not her. Setting an example for Sami’s children should be more important to her than helping the man who tried to destroy her life numerous times. And how rude of Sami to dump Johnny on Nurse Maxine, in order to whine to her beau? A nurse is not a babysitter!