Credit: Warden Smith brings sexy to the pokey. (

These are the “Days” of my week for Sept 20 –24:

The show had its moments this week but some storylines are dragging. The writers love writing for The Sami Show instead of Hope’s much more intriguing storyline. Once again, I question whether Corday and Higley know their target audience.

SORAS pregnancy.
Chloe’s pregnancy got SORAS’d fast! She must be sporting stretch marks upon stretch marks. She’s huge. Is she 9 months already or having more than one child? Can she get any bigger?

Our suspect list is getting more convoluted.
For a moment I wondered if Ian switched the results, considering he suddenly seems to be into Stephanie like a bad case of herpes. I hope he’s not another Nick Fallon. It’s bad enough the show ruined Blake Berris’ character. We don’t need a repeat of that and once Nathan dumps Stephanie for Melanie…because you know it’s got to be coming…Ian could easily stick around for Steph. Otherwise, there’s no need for Stephanie after this storyline is resolved, especially when and if Kayla leaves. Thoughts on Ian? Take my poll!

Who ordered the overtly contrived storyline?
It’s difficult to care one iota about Nathan because he’s not well written for but his whole storyline has gotten worse with the passing weeks. I realize he’s supposed to brood over what Stephanie’s interest is in Ian, so he’ll eventually find out what she’s hiding from him but that’s not how it’s coming off and frankly, Nathan doesn’t seem the type to me to feel so inferior to Ian just because he’s assisting Steph with a computer program. It would work better for me if Nathan overheard the two talking and misunderstood what they were discussing. Instead it feels as though Nathan’s suddenly a jealous ape with a double standard.

Matt of Matty’s Musings and I are threatening to write “Whoever shot my son will pay,” or “When I find out who did this, there’ll be hell to pay,” or “I swear to you that I’ll find out who did this to you,” or something similar after every sentence Stefano says, unless the show stops repeating dialogue every single frigging day. It’s bad enough we suffer through the flashbacks.

Warden miscast.
Love the actress but wardens shouldn’t purr and ooze sex appeal. Where is this storyline going? Without seeing any progress in this storyline I can see myself easily losing interest.